Acrylic Pouring

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BASIC MATERIALS list for acrylic pouring:

                • acrylic paint
                • mixing containers
                • stir sticks
                • water
                • canvas

also helpful:

                • latex or rubber gloves
                • bucket of water
                • towels
                • drying racks
                • newpapers
                • protective tarps
QUICK GUIDE: How to Ring Pour

1. Prep paint colors.

2. Prep canvas.

3. Add background layer.

4. Pour selected colors into measuring cup

5. Pick a spot to begin.

6. Continuously make a tiny circular motion with measuring cup while pouring the paint “mix” onto the canvas.

7. Continue until enough paint is on the canvas to cover it.

8. Touch up the corners and sides if needed.

9. Tilt canvas if needed to reach the edges.

Quick Guide: How to Acrylic Pour with the Flip Cup Technique
  1. prep paint
  2. prep canvas
  3. pour paint colors into the flip cup
  4. add silicon
  5. flip the canvas upside down
  6. rest canvas on top of the flip cup
  7. hold both together firmly and flip quickly so that the canvas is right side up and the cup is upside down
  8. let the cup sit for a moment, then release
  9. tilt to reach edges (if needed)
  10. touch up corners (if needed)
QUICK GUIDE: How to swipe (easy paper towel technique)

1. Prep paint colors.

2. Prep canvas.

3. Add background layer.

4. Pour selected colors onto canvas.

5. Add floetrol to swipe color.

6. Pour swipe color along one edge of the canvas.

7. Wet the edge of a paper towel.

8. Hold paper towel over the canvas, dip the edge into the swipe color and pull it across the canvas.

9. If you want to swipe again, use a new, clean piece of paper towel.

10. Use a heat gun to bring out more cells.

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