Blue Space and Ancient Ruins in Ohrid

I found blue space in an unexpected place where it stretches from ear to ear and fills my view.

Many sun and sea seekers flock to the Mediterranean during the summer months. But Macedonians visit their own inland treasure, Lake Ohrid.

Over one million years old, Lake Ohrid is Europe’s oldest lake. At first glance, the lake appears to be the open sea. It’s vast enough for the Albanian side to fade into the mist like a distant island.

An Ancient City

The city of Ohrid combines ancient treasures and modern conveniences.

A stroll reveals well preserved mosaics, ruins, and an amphitheater.


Metal work, wood work, and jewelry making are some of the crafts that are practiced in the old city.

The original equipment in use today in Macedonia’s National Workshop for Handmade Paper.

The Handmade Paper Workshop demonstrates the paper making process still used today.

Local artists represent the distinctive architecture of the quaint old city in prints made with the original equipment.

Cobblestones and Hilly Strolls

A short hike winds through the quaint village and eventually leads to “The Most Photographed Church in the Country.”

St. Jovan Kaneo overlooks the vast lake from its perch.

Nature and History

Ohrid strikes a balance between the relaxation of nature, the fun of the outdoors, and the fascination of an ancient city.

Blue Space

Halfway to Albania, I find a place on the lake where my senses bathe in blue light. The sky pulls a blue curtain over the mountains as it stretches to the water. The panorama envelopes my senses.

Pleased to stumble upon this unexpected treasure, I savor every sunset in its angelic sky.

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